PAP/RAD Face Masks

Finding the right facemask is a crucial part of becoming compliant with PAP/RAD therapy. There are three main types of masks: nasal pillows/prongs, nasal masks and full face masks. Within each of those categories there are a myriad of different brands, each with their own unique headgear, cushion or pillow.

Nasal Pillows

These masks rest directly into the nostrils. The upside is that they are the smallest, lighest masks on the market. Possible downsides include irritation in the nostrils and difficulty tolerating them at higher pressures.

Nasal Masks

This is the typical PAP/RAD mask that has a cushion surrounding or pressing into the nose only. They are smaller, lighter and less bulky than Full Face masks and diffuse the pressure a bit more than the direct pressure associated with Nasal Pillows/Prongs and therefore can typically be tolerated at higher pressure than the pillows/prongs.

Full Face Masks

These masks cover both the mouth and the nose. They are largest/bulkiest and are appropriate for mouth breathers, people with difficulty breathing through their nose (e.g.- deviated septum) or for higher pressures that are too high to be tolerated through delivery via a nasal mask only.