Travel PAPs

An exciting recent development has been the growth of the travel PAP category. Patients who travel often are looking for a very small and light device to take with them. The original travel PAP was Transcend, followed by an even smaller unit called the Z1. Recently, the market leaders Resmed and Philips/Respironics have added their own products into the mix in a nod to the rapid growth of this niche. While the size of these units is very appealing, as of now there is still no perfect PAP on the market; meaning that there are trade-offs to be made when choosing size and weight over other features. Most travel units have no or limited humidification which can compromise therapy. Those travel units that do have heated humidification become so large with the humidifier attached that they render the travel-ability pretty much useless. Most of these small units tend to be much louder than regular, every day use units. As of now there are no RAD travel units, only PAP. Long-short, these are great developments but be careful to do your homework before you purchase.